Elyse Lewis is an emerging artist from Montreal’s South Shore. Through the use of photography and text she creates series based on her personal life experiences on themes such as identity, relationships, and emotional psychoanalysis. From an honest and vulnerable feminist-informed point of view, what she considers as subjective self-documentaries become spaces of dialogue in which socially complex or taboo subjects are approached. Whether through printed images, virtual galleries, or books, Lewis is interested in the various forms her narrative can aesthetically be told.

Lewis holds a BFA in Photography from Concordia University (2017). Her work has been shown in galleries such as the VAV and Donald Browne, and has been published online on Washing Dishes as well as self-published in her book Opiate Summer (2016). Lewis was also selected as part of Artch’s exhibition for emerging contemporary art in 2019. She works and resides in Montreal.

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